The company has imported a large quantity of technologies and equipments for medical treatment and public health, and it is unique in bidding for projects in this field by making use of loans from foreign governments and international financial organizations, thus making unique contributions to health careand medical equipment industry.

The main projects that have been completed include: technology transfer, such as penicillin G and manufacturing know-how; import of production lines and equipment, such as complete salicylic acid equipment, hepatitis B vaccine manufacturing technique, equipment and reagent; bidding and procurement activities for loan projects of foreign government and international financial organizations, such as the five provinces/cities medical project by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the rural healthcare and medical education project financed with World Bank loan, and medical equipment imported with loans from foreign governments etc, working for more than 2000 hospitals in 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all across China; government procurement projects undertaken by the Ministry of Health, such as the medical care system and patrol medical car project, the key MOH labs project, and the MOH command and decision-making system to cope with emergent public health incidents etc.