Based on its accumulated experiences in the field, resources in personnel and social relationships, CNTIC is developing itself from a traditional procurement and tendering agency to a project manager,investment consultant and project contractor in the field of infrastructure.

In respect of domestic business, CNTIC has participated as tendering agency in many key national projects in the fields of construction of harbors, railway, highway, bridges, airports and urban rail transit and introduction of technical equipment, making great contributions in the improvement of abilities of technical equipment and manufacturing in the field of infrastructure. These mainly include: 46 harbor construction and modification projects in 11 provinces for 115 berths with the capacity of 10,000-tons and a total contract value of more than 2.45 billion US Dollars, represented by the Yang Shan Deep Water Port of Shanghai international Shipping Center and Bei Lun Harbor; high-power diesel locomotives, electric locomotives as well as technologies with a total value of 11billion Us Dollars have been imported, represented by Qinghai-Tibet Railway; about 20 railway construction projects with a total length of 13,000km, represented by Beijing-Jiujiang Railway and Jiangxi-Longyan Railway; over 50 highway projects in 20 provinces with the total length exceeding 5,000 KM and total contract value over 6.4 billion US Dollars, represented by the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Highway, Capital Airport Highway and Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway projects; 6 bridge construction projects represented by Jiang Yin and Nan Chang Bridges; and more than 10 airport projects in 9 cities, such as Shenzhen, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Harbin, Zhengzhou and Haikou, represented by Beijing and Shanghai Airports; as well as 10 urban rail transit projects represented by Beijing Metro Lines No.1 and 2, Shanghai Metro Line No.4 and Guangzhou Metro Line No.2.

In respect of overseas business, infrastructure projects are constructed in flexible ways, being on its way to transform itself from an export agent to an international project contractor. CNTIC has developed and undertaken railway electrification project and high power electric locomotives procurement project in Uzbekistan, Southern transportation development project and rehabilitation and maintenance of rural roads in the Uva province in Sri Lanka, and Rehabilitation of Amu-Zang Pump Station Project in Uzbekistan etc.