CNTIC has been taking the role of main channel for import and export of key technologies and complete plants despite profound changes on national economic system and international market since its establishment in 1952.

Entering the new century especially after the strategic restructure of Genertec Group ,CNTIC will give top priority to trade business ;restructure its corporate system; develop innovatively technology trade and project contracting; invest in advanced manufacturing and R&D design consulting related to main businesses at appropriate time ;better its service by perfecting its core competence and speed up the transformation to an international project contractor and project management contractor with the objective of becoming a renowned large international enterprise integrating the trade with engineering projects and industry.

21centrury Writing a new Chapter
Entering into the 21st century and making full use of great opportunity of China's accession to WTO, CNTIC take the initiative to meet the market challenge and begin to blaze new trials. After strategic restructuring in 2002, CNTIC has defined more clearly its strategy, business scope and core competence.
Having analyzed internal and external business circumstances, CNTIC decided to undertake the strategic transformation to become an international project contractor and project manager by focusing on two core businesses namely key technology and complete plants introduction and international project contracting.