Marketing Capability

Having a clear-cut marketing strategy to make an overall plan on key areas and business arenas; having set up extensive and efficient internal and external networks; cultivating highly efficient marketing team; strengthening public relations and sales channels; establishing the mechanism for information evaluation and decision-making.

Business Integration Capability

Having strong capability in integrating the resources of engineering, equipment procurement, construction and commercial work for project; fully understanding the requirements of the project owners so as to provide them with a competitive project plan for the whole process of project like scheduling, bidding, contract negotiation and execution; good understanding on international commercial laws and regulations and extremely experienced with the international trade practice. 。

Project Engeering Capability

Possessing strong project engineering ability and project management expert team in major industrial sectors; capable of facilitating the owners’ objectives in project engineering, equipment performance and construction via good cooperation with design institutions. .

Investing and Finacing Capabilibity

Keeping close cooperative relations with the governments, financial and commercial institutions of the countries where our projects are located so as to establish extensive financing and investing channels; maintaining good financial status and integrity to fully guarantee the eligibility for project financing.

Project Management Capability

Having complete project management system and feasible program; having professional project management team and having strong coordinating capability to ensure the smooth, on-time, high-quality and cost-effective excecution of the project.