CNTIC participates in projects of environmental engineering in the ways of import of technical equipment and bidding, etc, making important contribution to the development of environmental protection and sustainable development in people’s livelihood.

CNTIC has imported over 200 environmental protection projects, with the total contract value of 1.9 billion US Dollars, including: 21 water supply plants with the total capacity of 4.7 million tons per day, such as water supply and drainage project for downtown Chongqing, water supply project for south Shanghai, and water supply for Shijiazhuang etc; 86 waste water treatment plants with the total treatment capacity of 12.42 million tons per day, such as Chongqing Sewage Processing Project, Shanghai Heliu Waste Water Project, Waste Water Sub-Projects under Huaihe River Harness Project and Waste Water Sub-Projects under Song Liao River Valley Environment Improvement Project; 15 waste treatment plants with the total treatment capacity of 13,830 tons per day, such as the land filling project for Beijing Gao'antun Waste Treatment Plants, the licensed medical waste treatment project at Gao' antun, Beijing, Waste Treatment Plant under Liuzhou Environment Improvement Project, Xiamen Waste Incineration Project and Xiangjing River Valley Waste Landfill Project; 21 district heating projects with the total heat supply capacity of 1,300 MW per year and heating area of 16 million square meters, such as Mu Dan Jiang, Qin Huang Dao District Heating Projects and Shenyang Thermal Power Plant Extension Project etc.