Telecommunication business has increased steadily within CNTIC and the company is now specialized in the import and export of complete sets of telecommunication apparatus such as switching system, transmission equipment, GSM and CDMA. The competence of company is formed in import and export of complete sets of equipments and technologies and international contracting for construction.

In respect of domestic business, CNTIC has introduced a large amount of advanced telecommunication equipment and technology to Chinese end-users, making great contribution for China’s information industry standing in the front rank of the world. CNTIC is also activelyinvolved in the sale of advanced telecommunication equipment in China and makes efforts to enter the market by means of bidding and acting as an agent. CNTIC successfully undertook the 3rd Phase Golden Tax Project by acting as an agent. Its professional business performance and the highly serious and responsible working attitude had gained the clients’ affirmation and recognition.

In respect of overseas business, CNTIC jointly cooperates with the design institutes and equipment manufacturers in China to consolidate the traditional export market, and actively explore new market and participate in project bidding. In recent years, the major export projects of large scale complete sets of telecommunication equipments completed by the company include: complete sets of equipment for Intro-city Transmission Network and National Backbone Network to Iran, with the biggest volume and the widest coverage nationwide, bringing its net works to more than 120 large and medium size cities in the country; 100,000 lines of switch equipment as well as the intelligent Network System to the Philippines; 250,000 lines of stored-program control exchanges, transmission equipment and GSM communication equipment to Iraq; 100,000 lines of switch equipment and data communication equipment to Cuba; and the intelligent Network equipment to Zimbabwe and Syria.