CNTIC has put its focus on pulp and paper-making, printing, sugar refining, textile and chemical fiber sector. And it has won good reputation among users in the industry for sound service of “overall progress, profound levels and new fields”.

In respect of domestic business, taking the advantage of the company’s rich experiences in the technology trade and with the guidance of the State's industrial policy, CNTIC has made contribution to the comprehensive technological upgrading and adjustment of product structure for our country in the papermaking sector. The company has successfully imported the most advanced complete sets of large scale pulp and paper making equipments for 5 key paper mills, which was the first batch paper making project to undertake technical renovation financed by government loan, by way of a combination of technology and trade. At the same time, the company also introduced technologies for papermaking equipments for 7 paper equipment manufacturers, an important project organized by the former State Economic Commission. Up to now, CNTIC has imported over 70 sets of pulping and papermaking lines, covering complete plants for mechanical pulp, chemical wood pulp, bamboo pulp, newsprint, LWC paper, top-grade coat paper and cardboard paper etc. Meanwhile, CNTIC has undertaken the import of printing equipment and technologies for large newspaper firms and groups, thus improving highly the overall level of China's newspaper pressing.

In respect of overseas business, CNTIC has successfully exported technologies and complete equipment for light and textile industry to other countries. The major projects include: Pakistan and India textile machinery equipments project, Pakistan and Thailand polyester staple fiber complete equipments project, Indonesia and Australia short ethylene fiber equipments project, Pakistan oil pressing plant project with capacity of 40 tons per day, Vietnam wood based panel production line project, Bangladesh and Pakistan industrial paper plant project, and Burundi knitted bags and nylon filament production lines project, etc.