CNTIC has been making great contributions to the building of industrial system and social-economical development of China and its project-based countries in areas such as metallurgy and building materials, light and textile Industry,petrochemical industry, telecommunications and medical and health care.

In respect of domestic business, in the field of metallurgy and building materials, since the 1950s, CNTIC has imported large-scaled complete plants and metallurgical technologies for more than 300 projects for 50 Chinese enterprises in the iron & steel sector, with the total contract value reaching 10 billion US Dollars. Through the import of such projects, CNTIC made its contribution for upgrading the overall technical level of Chinese iron & steel industry, filling the blanks in its product assembly which helped China become a leading steel producer in the world. In addition to metallurgic equipment mentioned above, technologies and large-sized complete plants have also been introduced by CNTIC for 66 non-ferrous metal enterprises; over 20 projects for building material sector, covering 10 sets of cement processing equipment and 22 sets of glass lines for Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Factory and Jidong Cement Factory. These projects have directly promoted the technological innovation of the building materials industry and have made great contribution to the social-economical development of the country. In the field of paper-making, taking the advantage of the company’s rich experiences in the technology trade and with the guidance of the State's industrial policy, CNTIC has successfully imported the most advanced complete sets of large scale pulp and paper-making equipments for 5 key paper mills, which was the first batch paper making project to undertake technical renovation financed by government loan, by way of a combination of technology and trade. At the same time, the company also introduced technologies for paper-making equipments for 7 paper equipment manufacturers, an important project organized by the former State Economic Commission. Up to now, CNTIC has imported over 70 sets of pulping and paper-making lines, covering complete plants for mechanical pulp, chemical wood pulp, bamboo pulp, newsprint, LWC paper, top-grade coat paper and cardboard paper etc. Meanwhile, CNTIC has undertaken the import of printing equipment and technologies for large newspaper firms and groups, thus improving highly the overall level of China's newspaper pressing. In the field of petrochemical industry,  CNTIC takes an active part in the import and transformation of technologies in domestic enterprise, which mainly include: over 20 sets of ethylene equipment with a total annual production capacity of over 3 million tons; over 30 sets of large-scale fertilizer equipment for Hainan Fudao, CNOOC Hainan Orient, Inner Mongolia, Jiujiang, Weihe, and Jilin; the 30,000 tons/year methane chloride project for Sichuan Zigong Honghe Chemical industry Co. Ltd. with loans from Spanish Government; import of technologies and equipment for national major chemical projects, including 600,000 tons/year methanol project for CNOOP, the Wengfulin Mine project in Guizhou, the polypropylene project in Xinjiang, and chemical projects for SNCIG, etc. In the field of telecommunications, CNTIC has introduced a large amount of advanced telecommunication equipment and technology to Chinese end-users, and is also actively involved in the sale of advanced telecommunication equipment in China and makes efforts to enter the market by means of bidding and acting as an agent. CNTIC successfully undertook the 3rd Phase Golden Tax Project by acting as an agent. Its professional business performance and the highly serious and responsible working attitude had gained the clients’ affirmation and recognition. In the field of medical and health care, the main projects that have been completed include: technology transfer, such as penicillin G and manufacturing know-how; import of production lines and equipment, such as complete salicylic acid equipment, hepatitis B vaccine manufacturing technique, equipment and reagent; bidding and procurement activities for loan projects of foreign government and international financial organizations, such as the five provinces/cities medical project by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the rural health care and medical education project financed with World Bank loan, and medical equipment imported with loans from foreign governments etc, working for more than 2000 hospitals in 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all across China; government procurement projects undertaken by the Ministry of Health, such as the medical care system and patrol medical car project, the key MOH labs project, and the MOH command and decision-making system to cope with emergent public health incidents etc.

In respect of overseas business, in the field of metallurgy and building materials, CNTIC has executed export projects including Float Glass Factory in India with a melting capacity of 200 tons per day, MEB Flat Glass Factory in Bangladesh with a melting capacity of 60 tons per day,SAN LIN Cement Works with a production capacity of 1000 tons per day and G4 Cement Works with a production capacity of 3000 tons per day in Myanmar, etc. In the field of light and textile industry, CNTIC has successfully exported technologies and complete equipment for light and textile industry to other countries. The major projects include: Pakistan and India textile machinery equipments project, Pakistan and Thailand polyester staple fiber complete equipments project, Indonesia and Australia short ethylene fiber equipments project, Pakistan oil pressing plant project with capacity of 40 tons per day, Vietnam wood based panel production line project, Bangladesh and Pakistan industrial paper plant project, and Burundi knitted bags and nylon filament production lines project, etc. In the field of petrochemical industry, CNTIC gives first place to import and export of complete equipment for oil drilling and general equipment for petrochemical and fertilizer, and expands its development space for petrochemical business gradually, with key markets in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and CIS area. The company has exported technologies and equipments covering viscose staple fiber, combined-soda, pharmacy, salt-making and Sodium carbonate to Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt. In the field of telecommunications, CNTIC jointly cooperates with the design institutes and equipment manufacturers in China to consolidate the traditional export market, and actively explore new market and participate in project bidding. In recent years, the major export projects of large scale complete sets of telecommunication equipments completed by the company include:  with the biggest volume and the widest coverage nationwide, bringing its net works to more than 120 large and medium size cities in the country; 100,000 lines of switch equipment as well as the intelligent Network System to the Philippines; 250,000 lines of stored-program control exchanges, transmission equipment and GSM communication equipment to Iraq; 100,000 lines of switch equipment and data communication equipment to Cuba; and the intelligent Network equipment to Zimbabwe and Syria.