CNTIC Completes 2020 Induction Training for New Employees

Source: Author: Date:2020-10-21【Font:B M S

On the afternoon of October 20th, the graduation ceremony of the 2020 induction training for new employees was held in the first conference room on the third floor, with the attendance of more than 60 people including company leaders, heads of relevant departments, tutors and lecturers.

At the ceremony the new employees made lively and diverse presentations and reported their learning results on four action projects. The judges interacted with the trainees, asking them questions, scoring their answers, and making comments on their performance. The judges selected the winners of five awards: “Excellent Student”, “Excellent Class Committee”, “Excellent Team”, “Excellent Tutor of 2019”, and “Excellent Lecturer”. CNTIC leaders issued letters of appointment to the new tutors, and presented company badges to the new employees.

CNTIC chairman and Party secretary Lin Chunhai delivered a concluding speech. Fully affirming the wonderful presentations and fruitful learning results of the new employees, he expressed the hope that they would keep their youthful vitality, integrate into the company as soon as possible, join in the company’s reform and development, make rapid progress, be brave to take responsibility, and contribute their strength to CNTIC.