Vice President of CNTIC Shan Wei attended the communication of “Feedback Report of Social Responsibility Evaluation”

Source: Author: Date:2012-12-23【Font:B M S

On the afternoon of December 17th, four people from the organizing and accrediting agency of the first social responsibility performance evaluation activities, the Chinese International Contractors Association and GoldenBee Management Consulting Corporation, came to CNTIC to discuss the performance evaluation of the social responsibility of China’s foreign project contractors in 2012. Vice President Shan Wei attended the interview on behalf of the company; related functional and operating personnel attended as well. Experts from the evaluation group spoke highly of the social responsibility philosophy of “building green projects to create win-win harmony” that the company adopted in its submitted evaluation reports. The experts offered advice on social responsibility management, employee benefits and development on both the objectives and direction of the company’s work in social responsibility management.