CNTIC has been voted as the governing unit of Business Association of China in Vietnam

Source: Author: Date:2012-06-30【Font:B M S

In June 20ththe third meeting of Member representatives and the council founding ofbusiness association of China in Vietnam was held in Hanoi hotel.

The Personnelattending the meeting included not only council and members representatives of business association of China inVietnam but also the leaders of Embassy of the People's Republic of China inthe Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Officeof China in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The ambassador Kong Xuan Youmade a speech.

In thismeeting the third council and governing unit were voted in open election andour company had been voted as the governing unit.

The resultreflects not only the effort made by our company in Vietnam market has beenapproved by all of the Chinese company but also the influence of our company inthis market is getting more and more powerful.