CNTIC' Self-support Project of Industrial Sewage Equipment Import Completed Successfully

Source: Author: Date:2006-08-16【Font:B M S

CNTIC's Department of Environment Protection empoldered the self-support project of industrial sewage equipment import, with an import sum 5,800,000 dollars. Up to July, 2006, this project had been totally completed, while sales income reaching 59,000,000RMB.



This project is CNTIC's first industrial sewage treatment item. The sum of this self-support project of import is so large that our company needed to make sure the safety of fund. Therefore, our company suggested building condominium account. Once the payments from other parts come into condominium account, no one can use them unless CNTIC and the client sign together. The client and our company managed to one opinion after many times' negotiations. Finally set up condominium account. This guaranteed the payment of domestic clients to our company, reducing our company's financing risk.

The successfully completion of self-support project of industrial sewage equipment import results from the energetically support of company's leaders, and the concerted collaboration of each department. Building condominium account is the effective measure to reinforce our company's capacity in risk avoidance, ensure the security of payment, and the innovation of better done self-support operations of import. Our company will carefully summarize the experiences and continually accumulate them, so as to make better progress in this field.