CNTIC Held Training Classes for New Recruits

Source: Author: Date:2006-08-11【Font:B M S

In order that new employees could get an all-angle impression upon the company as well as a clear profile of responsibilities of different positions, which may help them learn the key skills of work and get used to their respective roles as soon as possible, CNTIC organized Training classes for new employees from August 1st to 3rd.



Mr. Wang Xusheng, the secretary of the Communist Party Committee of CNTIC, extended warm welcome to the new strength of the company. Then, experienced employees addressed on various topics classified by job responsibility. Finally, Mr. Liu Debing, Mr. Wang Xusheng, Mr. Wu Duoyu, Mr. Sun Weiming, Ms. Ma Lu, Ms. Wang Guoying, the vice presidents of CNTIC, attended the meeting with the new comers.

The training classes lasted for 3 days, through which the new employees systematically learnt the development trace, organizational chart and strategic plan of the company, and got a general awareness of foreign trade theories, skills of writing documents, regulations of human resources and fundamental financial knowledge as well. While the set goal has been realized, the classes were also helpful to the new recruits in their future work..