Sharing successful experiences, improving negotiating skills------CNTIC held lecture of negotiation

Source: Author: Date:2006-06-07【Font:B M S


In order to improve negotiating skills and abilities of the employees, vice president Zhang Zhonghua, who is a senior international business engineer, was invited to deliver a speech on negotiation at Genertec Plaza on May 30 with more than 50 employees participated.

Mr. Zhang has prepared for the lecture with his abundant experiences and cases on CNTIC’s business. He systematically taught the participants theory and skill of negotiation in eight sections, such as the importance and universality of negotiation, preparation of negotiation, guideline, sort of consequence, communication, principle, pattern and specific term of compromise.



During the 3 hours training, Mr.Zhang sharing his valuable experiences with all participants. After the lecture, all participants expressed that it was a lecture with lots of cases suitable for CNTIC’s business and they had learned lots of negotiating skills from the training course. They also expressed their desiring for more lectures on CNTIC’s business in order to further satisfy the needs of long-term development of our company as well as human resource training demands of our personnel.