Export Business Training in CNTIC

Source: Author: Date:2006-05-08【Font:B M S

After the institutional restructuring of CNTIC in 2006, every head business department has been empowered to operate export business. In order to exploit export projects in a better way, our vice president Sun Weiming, who is a senior international business engineer, was invited by Head Department of Infrastructure Construction to give a special lecture of export business in our company. All staff of the Head Department of Infrastructure Construction and more than 60 employees in other related departments participated in this training course which is one of the series for in-house training of CNTIC in 2006.

Combining his expertise in the field of export business, Mr. Sun systemically expatiated our company’s new situation and demands to achieve the transition of our role from traditional import and export trader to international project contractor and project management company. He aslo lectured CNTIC’s advantages in overseas market, how to develop and evaluate business opportunities, normally used contract template and financial arrangement, as well as basic skills of being an export trader.

All participants have benefited a great deal from Mr. Sun’s excellent lecture. In future, this kind of special training will be continuously organized around the mission of our company’s operation and development together with the training demands of our staff, in order to further satisfy the needs of long-term development of our company as well as human resource training demands of our personnel.