Build up the Awareness of Human Resources First and Carry out the Strategy of Developing the Business with Human Resources

Source: Author: Date:2006-03-05【Font:B M S


In order to further carry out the strategy of developing the business with human resources and deploy the company’s approaches and measures for the work of human resources in the present and in the future on the basis of reviewing and summarizing the experience of human resources management and reform since the regrouping, CNTIC held a work conference on human resources, the first time in its history, on February 18. Vice-President Liu Debing chaired the meeting; President Jiang Xinsheng made important remarks, and Wang Xusheng, Party Secretary and Vice-President of the company, presented CNTIC Opinions about Strengthening the Work of Human Resources on behalf of the company. The leading group of CNTIC, all the middle-level cadres and other related people, a total of 80 persons, were present at this meeting.