Vice president Wu Duoyu paid a visit to the Indonesian Agricultural Minister and his entourage in Beijing

Source: Author: Date:2006-01-18【Font:B M S

On January 17, Wu Duoyu, Vice-President of CNTIC paid a visit to Dr. Anton, the Indonesian Agricultural Minister, and Mrs. Delima, Deputy Agricultural Minister of Indonesia. The two parties exchanged information on initial preparations for the sugar project in Indonesia. Mr. Anton expressed Indonesian confidence that CNTIC would do a good job in the feasibility study of the sugar industry and its support for CNTIC to comprehensively participate in the renovation of Indonesian sugar refineries and building new ones as well as encouraged CNTIC to promote and get involved in the cooperation between governments of the two countries in agriculture, in particular in sugar cane planting technologies. Relevant personnel with the Southeast Asia Business Division under Head Department of Overseas Engineering were present at the meeting.