The Fifth Training Course for Internal Auditors of CNTIC Concluded

Source: Author: Date:2006-01-04【Font:B M S

The closing ceremony of the fifth training course for internal auditors of CNTIC was held in the Genertec Plaza on December 29, 2005. All of the 53 trainees have obtained the qualification certificate for internal auditors with distinction.

This course has been held with the great importance attached to it and support given it by the management of CNTIC, so that it has surpassed any of the training courses for internal auditors whether in size or in the result. Trainees in this course totaled 53, including 3 top leaders of the corporation, 14 managers of medium level (including 9 heads of Departments) and 32 backbone employees at key business posts and newcomers to the corporation. CNTIC Tianjin Import & Export Company and Nanjing Technical Import & Export Company dispatched their personnel to take the course for the first time.