Strengthen the construction of the Party and promote the reform and development of the enterprise

Source: Author: Date:2005-11-23【Font:B M S

On November 21, CNTIC held a meeting of Party Secretaries to convey and study the essence of the 2nd Party Congress of the Group Company’s Party Committee, and to deploy and carry out the work on Archives of Party Members. Wang Xusheng, Party Secretary and Vice-President of CNTIC, chaired the meeting. The Party secretaries and deputy secretaries in CNTIC — a total of 20 persons, were present at the meeting.

The meeting conveys and studies The Notification of Printing and DistributingArchives of Party Members” issued by Genertec, making arrangements for doing a good job regarding Archives of Party Members, and raises specific requirements for the recent work on Party construction in CNTIC.

In the end, Mr. Wang raises specific requirements for Secretaries of the Party branches regarding the issues of how to carry out the measures of straightening the Party branches and how to strengthen the development of Party organizational work.