Make Donation for Schooling, Maintain the Advanced Features of Party Members — the Book and Money Donation Activity in CNTIC

Source: Author: Date:2005-08-16【Font:B M S

According to the overall arrangements made by the Genertec Party Committee, CNTIC actively responded to the call and circulated the Notice on Conveying the Notice of Launching "Donate Money and Books, Help Schools to Educate Students" Activity within Genertec among all its Party branches and Departments. Specific requirements were also made for this activity in the Notice. All Party branches and staff workers who are Party members answered the call of Genertec and CNTIC Party Committees with great enthusiasm and took immediate action, so the donation got a complete success. By the morning on August 12th, a total amount of 23,060 yuan RMB and 1,692 books had been donated by 170 people. CNTIC topped the book and money donation list within Genertec.

The donation activity fully expressed the advanced features of Party members and displayed the caring spirit of “help comes from all quarters when difficulty emerges at one spot”. It will inspire and encourage people to overcome difficulties to achieve greater success.