The first high localization rate Gas Turbine imported by CNTIC fire and make a trial successfully

Source: Author: Date:2005-06-14【Font:B M S


On June 2, 2005, the first high localization rate gas turbine fire and make a trial in Dongfang Steam Turbine Works. Representatives from National Development and Reform Commission, Sichuan Province, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Mitsubishi Heave Industry, Dongfang Electric Corporation, Dongfang Steam Turbine Works and CNTIC were present on this ceremony.

Mr. Jiang Xinsheng, the President of CNTIC, addressed in this ceremony in the name of CNTIC and gas turbine tendering commission. He celebrated the success of the trial and took it as a milestone of the development of gas turbine industry and power plant.

In his statement, it was reviewed that the equipment procurement, technology transfer and localization taken charged by tendering commission led by CNTIC. The high localization rate of 46.5% indicated that an important process in gas turbine localization has been made in Dongfang Steam Turbine Works, which will drive the construction of GT power plant and advance the manufacture ability of electric power equipment.

Finally, Mr. Jiang expressed that CNTIC and the tendering commission will continue to make effort to contribute to the development of gas turbine industry.