Bid Submission for the Third Generation Nuclear Power Self-Reliance Program Completed Successfully

Source: Author: Date:2005-03-10【Font:B M S


The State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (under preparation) held the ceremony of bid submission for the Nuclear Power Self-Reliance Program — Sanmen and Yangjiang Projects, presided over by Jiang Xinsheng, President of China National Technology Import & Export Corporation (CNTIC), on February 28, 2005 at Genertec Plaza. Russia’s AtomStroyExport, France’s AREVA and Westinghouse bidding consortium for the China projects submitted their respective bids as to the time and place prescribed in the invitation for bids.


The team responsible for inviting public bidding for the Third Generation Nuclear Power Self-Reliance Program projects was officially set up in 2003. The team, led by CNTIC together with China National Nuclear Corporation and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Company Limited, and representatives and experts from relevant design and manufacturing industries edited bidding documents of this Program. As required by the policy of uniform leadership, uniform organization and uniform technology, the Chinese Government decided to set up the Preparatory Office of the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, which shall be the only window open to outside in terms of nuclear power self-reliance and in charge of establishment of the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, tenders for self-reliance program projects and import of technologies as well as negotiations with foreign parties. The Preparatory Office, as the only window open to outside, shall try its best to realize the goal of nuclear power self-reliance through putting national interests on priority and organizing multiple sides to do a good job in introducing in technologies, signing and performing contracts in a just, open and fair way.


China’s Nuclear Power Self-Reliance Program has two supporting projects: Samen, Zhejiang and Yangjiang, Guangdong projects that have altogether four 1,000-megawatt nuclear power facilities. The Program will satisfy the requirements for complete incorporation of real edge-cutting technologies and construction of advanced, reliable, secure and profitable supporting projects. As to the principle of adopting advanced and uniform technology, the invitation for bidding of this Program will aim at the third generation Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) technology that is mature, advanced and reliable and conforms to URD or EUR. As for this technology, the State National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (under preparation) will organize relevant parties to digest, absorb and further develop the technology, thus realizing the goal of self-designing, self-manufacturing, self-building and self-operating the third generation reactors.


At the ceremony of bid submission, Chen Zhaobo, head of the Preparatory Office, extended thanks on behalf of the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation to bidders for their active participation, and expected that the bidders would make more contributions to China’s nuclear power development through further cooperation with the Chinese side and joint efforts and by giving full play of their respective advantages in future work. Representatives of each bidder all expressed their intentions to bring into full play of their advantages and take part in a fair competition. The ceremony was closed in a warm and friendly atmosphere.