The negotiation for Packages 8 to 10 of the Follow-up Gas Turbine Power Plants Construction Project is processing

Source: Author: Date:2004-12-22【Font:B M S

At present, the projects of package 8 to 10 of the Follow-up gas turbine power plants construction project are under negotiation. In order to satisfy the increasing energy demand, further increase the local manufacturing content of gas turbine equipment, steadily strengthen the construction of gas turbine power plants in China, and promote the development of China’s gas turbine industries with upgraded manufacturing capabilities, China National Technical Imp & Exp Corp. (CNTIC), entrusted the project owners, invited bids for the supply of equipment and localization under the Follow-up Projects. It is especially mentionable that, the projects of package 9 and 10 are the first time to introduce the technology of E class gas turbine to China in the form of bundle buy.