President of CNTIC, Jiang Xinsheng met president of Meiya Power Company Limited, Tan Zhaodong

Source: Author: Date:2004-12-09【Font:B M S
On Dec.9th, China National Technical Import& Export Company president Jiang Xinsheng had an interview with Meiya Power Company Limited(MPC) president Tan Zhaodong.
MPC develops, owns and operates power generation facilities in China and selected countries in the Asia Pacific region. MPC, recognized as one of the leading independent power producers in the region, has invested in fourteen projects in China, Taiwan and Korea to date with over 4,000 MW in total gross capacity.
In the meeting, Mr.Jiang introduced the recent improvements of Gas Fired Turbine Power Plant which brought in by CNTIC, and showed his attention about the Lanzhou Project. Mr.Jiang hoped that CNTIC and MPC could obtain advantages from each other, and make a further cooperation. Mr.Tan appraised highly on the cooperation between CNTIC and MPC, and presented his expectation of new cooperation. The interview was in a harmonious ambience and obtains an approving effect.