CNTIC signed with Ma’anshan Iron & Steel Company Limited the cooperation agreement

Source: Author: Date:2004-11-25【Font:B M S

On November 25, CNTIC signed with Ma’anshan Iron & Steel Company LimitedMa Steel the cooperation agreement for the construction of a 2250mm hot tandem rolling production line project.

The 2250 mm hot tandem-rolling production line signed between the two sides is the key part of the 5 million-ton high-end board and plate production line to be constructed in the “11th  Five-year Plan” of Ma Steel. Ma Steel will have its technologies and product structures further optimized, ratio of high value-added products increased and competitive edge of its products improved after the project is completed. During the period of signing the agreement, Zhang Wenyuan, a Director of the Board of Genertec Technology Group, was paying a visit to and holding business talks with high-level executives of Ma Steel, leading a delegation composed of relevant officials from the Group Headquarters. The delegation expressed thanks to Ma Steel for its trust and active cooperation with CNTIC.