CNTIC organized seminar on import & export operation process

Source: Author: Date:2004-11-18【Font:B M S

Recently, CNTIC organized a seminar on import & export operation process in order to enhance the implementation of ISO9000 quality management system

The corporation management has paid great attention to the seminar. The Corporate Development & Management Department, Financial Management Department, and Business Consultant Department have delivered presentations on the system process and terms of references, application of record tables, and legal issues in reviewing a contract.

Vice-president Zhang Zhonghua, who represented the management, has given full credit to the seminar. He reiterated the importance of implementing the ISO9000 quality management system, and required all CNTIC employees to identify problems in system operation and give feedback promptly to the Corporate Development & Management Department. In this way, the quality management system can be optimized and constantly improved, and become the real guarantee for operation risk prevention and core competitiveness enhancement.