Chen Bo of Genertec CNTIC accompanies leaders of CNTIC International to attend the 2022 World Conference on Clean Energy Equipment

Source: Author: Date:2022-08-27【Font:B M S


      The 2022 World Conference on Clean Energy Equipment sponsored by Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was held in Deyang, Sichuan on August 27. Chen Ming, vice president of CNTIC International, was invited to attend the opening ceremony, the main forum and other activities. Vice President Chen Bo of Genertec CNTIC accompanied him to attend the sub-forums on innovative application and demonstration of “renewable energy plus energy storage,” integration and development of clean energy equipment, and new-generation information technology, and visit the 2022 World Clean Energy Equipment Exhibition. Relevant personnel from the New Energy Division and Operation Management Division of Genertec CNTIC also accompanied the leaders to attend the activities.