CNTIC of Genertec carries out Covid-19 emergency response drills

Source: Author: Date:2021-08-27【Font:B M S

In order to test the suitability and operability of the emergency response plan for sudden recurrence of the Covid-19 epidemic and comprehensively improve the ability of organizing and coordinating emergency response, CNTIC of Genertec carried out the 2021 annual emergency response drills on August 25. Liu Jing, member of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control, served as the chief commander of the drill, and 12 other members of the Leading Group from relevant departments participated in the drills.

The drill process and specific arrangements were worked out for this drill. The liaison team, security team and quarantine team were in place quickly and cooperated with each other according to the division of responsibilities, and carried out practical drills in situation report, information transmission, quarantine, disinfection, and patient transfer.


Patient quarantine

 Disinfection of contaminated areas                                                      Patient transfer

The company’s Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control attached great importance to the drill. All teams were well organized, fully prepared, closely cooperated and effectively connected, so the drill achieved good results. Liu Jing commented on the drill on the spot and put forward three requirements. First, responsible departments should fully understand the important political significance of strengthening the work of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and enhance their sense of responsibility to better protect the life and health of employees. Second, practical and continuous efforts should be made to improve the ability to identify, judge, respond to and cope with epidemic emergencies in various environments. Third, companies outside Beijing should also conduct emergency drills according to local conditions to enhance their emergency management and control capabilities.