CNTIC of Genertec Launched “Lanqing Program” to Empower Instructors

Source: Author: Date:2021-07-16【Font:B M S

According to the overall arrangement of its “Lanqing Program”, CNTIC of Genertec held an instructor empowerment training session on July 13. More than 20 candidate instructors strictly selected from different levels of the company received training and completed a one-day one-evening training and certification course.

Wang Chuanqing, a senior expert in the field of corporate tutorial system management and practice, was invited as the training lecturer. The participants actively interacted with him, and practiced the tools and methods they learned in class. They said that the training was very helpful for them to transform into instructors, and that they would apply the concept, theory and methodology taught by the lecturer to their practice of on-the-job teaching.

“Lanqing Program” is designed to select, train, and certify instructors, empower them to teach new employees occupational skills, and realize the purpose of “old hands teaching new ones, new employees promoting old ones, and both the old and new working together to carry forward the fine tradition of the company”. This training session was held in the empowerment and certification stage of the “Lanqing Program”. Candidate instructors are selected to receive professional empowerment training, learn related training courses, master teaching techniques, and enter the company’s instructor database after passing the certification examination. In the next step, according to the actual training needs of the company, qualified instructors will be paired with new employees to start one-year on-the-job teaching practice.