CNTIC of Genertec Organizes Special Training on New Work Safety Law

Source: Author: Date:2021-06-28【Font:B M S

To implement the guiding principles of the National Teleconference on Work Safety and the Conference of Central SOEs on Work Safety, as well as the Group's deployment in this respect, CNTIC of Genertec held a special lecture on the new Work Safety Law on the morning of June 25 according to the company's annual training plan. More than 100 people attended the training lecture face-to-face or online, including company executives, heads of various departments, project leaders, project workers and safety managers.

Dr. Shi Xuan, safety expert of the Ministry of Emergency Management and chief expert of CNOOC Safety and Environmental Protection Branch, was invited as lecturer in this training to give a detailed interpretation of the new Work Safety Law promulgated in 2021. He explained the revised contents of the new law, such as the responsibility of a business entity as the main body for work safety, the responsibility and obligation of the person in charge of a business entity for work safety, the investigation of work safety responsibility, emergency rescue and handling of workplace accidents, etc. Under the guidance of Dr. Shi, the trainees studied the work-safety-related new and revised articles of the Amendment to Criminal Law. The lecturer also introduced the typical workplace accidents that occurred this month, and analyzed the causes of the accidents.