CNTIC’s Project Department for Bangladesh Power Grid Interviewed by Local Mainstream Media

Source: Author: Date:2021-05-21【Font:B M S
Since the beginning of 2020, CNTIC has won the contract and undertaken four transmission and transformation projects in Bangladesh, with a total amount of approximately USD 240 million. This has greatly improved CNTIC’s brand awareness and industry influence in the field of power grid.
However, CNTIC’s project department for Bangladesh power grids has been influenced by the epidemic from the very beginning of the signing. To overcome the difficulties to the greatest extent, the project department, with the strong support of CNTIC and department leaders, recruited local employees and designers, set up domestic and international teams, and continuously improved the overall business capacity of the teams to ensure the project construction during the epidemic.

Photo 1 Bangladesh Grid Project Department is making arrangements for the construction at the Birulia site
Since April 6, the epidemic in Bangladesh has become more severe, with the number of confirmed cases rising. The Bangladesh government issued a national lockdown to restrict the movement of people, with the lockdown period extended time after time. In the meanwhile, the onset of the Muslim month of Ramadan made it more difficult to implement projects in Bangladesh. Under the difficult circumstances, most ongoing projects of the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd (PGCB) are in a state of stagnation. But the construction of multiple projects constructed by CNTIC, especially the Birulia Substation of the National Energy Efficiency Improvement Project for 230kV and 132kV Grids (KFW 1.1) , Bangladesh, is in the pipeline smoothly during the national lockdown. The progress of the project has attracted the attention of Channel I, a local mainstream media outlet. On May 15, employees and subcontractors of the Bangladesh Grid Project Department were interviewed by Channel I.

Photo 2 Zhang Kun, deputy manager of KFW1.1 Project, is interviewed by Channel I, an outlet of mainstream Bangladeshi media 
As the rainy season was approaching, the project department did a good job of managing the project site in fighting against the epidemic and monitoring body temperature and disinfecting employees when they entered the site. Also, it mobilized resources from all sides, worked at the project site to communicate with the owner, material suppliers, the police department and the local government, and completed 477 pile foundations in 30 days of the national lockdown. Construction of retaining walls is currently underway. During the interview, Zhang Kun introduced the progress of Birulia substation and the anti-epidemic measures taken by the project department. He said that all the project staff and local subcontractors would do everything in their power to cope with the challenges and overcome the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and the Eid al-Fitr holiday. By doing so, the project department would safeguard the health of all the staff members and their families, push forward the project construction while guaranteeing the quality, and ensure the timely delivery of the project.

Photo 3 Temperature measuring and disinfection are done before employees entering the Birulia site
Channel I is known to be one of the most influential mainstream media outlets in Bangladesh. This report will further establish CNTIC’s brand and enhance its overseas image.