Contract signing and groundbreaking ceremony held for Ivovik wind farm in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Source: Author: Date:2021-12-20【Font:B M S

On December 16, a contract signing and groundbreaking ceremony was held via video link between Beijing and the project site for an 84MW wind farm to be built in Ivovik, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), with Genertec CNTIC as the main investor. Important people from the Chinese side who attended the ceremony in Beijing include President Wang Yanming of Genertec CNTIC, Chairman Sheng Yuming of PowerChina Resources Ltd., and representatives of other cooperative enterprises. Officials from the BIH side who attended and spoke at the on-site ceremony were Ivan Vukatin, governor of Canton 10, and Darko Čondrić, mayor of Livno.    

The project is Genertec CNTIC's first new-energy investment project in Europe, and will be the largest new-energy power generation project in BIH when completed. It will strongly promote the transformation and upgrading of the county’s energy structure. Its commencement marks the smooth landing of the first new-energy project in the list of outcomes of the China-CEEC Leaders Summit.