CNTIC has obtained rich experience and achieved outstanding accomplishments in the import and export of technologies and complete equipment in the field of metallurgy and building materials, forming its unique business advantage with much highlights in specialization, scale and marketization.

In respect of domestic business, since the 1950s, CNTIC has imported large-scaled complete plants and metallurgical technologies for more than 300 projects for 50 Chinese enterprises in the iron & steel sector such as Baoshan Iron & Steel Corporation, Anshan Iron & Steel Corporation and Wuhan Iron & Steel Corporation, with the total contract value reaching 10 billion US Dollars. Through the import of such projects, CNTIC made its contribution for upgrading the overall technical level of Chinese iron & steel industry, filling the blanks in its product assembly which helped China become a leading steel producer in the world. In addition to metallurgic equipment mentioned above, technologies and large-sized complete plants have also been introduced by CNTIC for 66 non-ferrous metal enterprises, including: 111 nonferrous metal projects for Shanxi Aluminum Factory and Jiangxi Copper Industry Corporation etc, involving sectors such as copper, aluminum, lead-zinc, nickel, tin, tungsten ore, gold mine and salt mine etc; over 20 projects for building material sector, covering 10 sets of cement processing equipment and 22 sets of glass lines for Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Factory and Jidong Cement Factory. These projects have directly promoted the technological innovation of the building materials industry and have made great contribution to the economic development and social development of the country.

In respect of overseas business, adhering to its business features of technology trade, and its business policy for the export of advanced and high-tech intensive equipment and products, CNTIC has executed export projects including Float Glass Factory in India with a melting capacity of 200 tons per day, MEB Flat Glass Factory in Bangladesh with a melting capacity of 60 tons per day, Fars Nov Cement Works and Larestan Cement Works in Iran, SAN LIN Cement Works with a production capacity of 1000 tons per day and G4 Cement Works with a production capacity of 3000 tons per day in Myanmar, etc.